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in other words

I really don’t understand the expression “in other words”.  If you were going to say something “in other words” why not just say that to begin with?!   Instead you force me to listen to the same blather not once, but, twice.

Stop wasting my time narcissists who like to hear yourselves talk.

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I remember the first time I ever saw Michael Jackson. I was 4 years old and I saw the video for Billie Jean on the television. I was amazed. Sure, I was 4 and the “magic” sidewalk that lit up when he stepped on it probably made my little brain explode but still… I remember being completely enamored. People take this for granted but, at that time, there weren’t very many people on television who looked like me. In fact, as I later learned, Billie Jean was the first video of a Black artist to ever be played on MTV. I remember trying to sing along, as only a 4-year old can, and thinking that he was the coolest thing I had ever seen. After the video went off I started throwing a little mini tantrum because I wanted the video to keep playing.  Inexplicably, the complexities of music video rotations were beyond my comprehension and I fully expected the video to play in an infinite loop.  In an effort to settle me down, my cousin gave me the Thriller album cover and I remember staring at it for the next hour. (Probably expecting it to come to life like the magic sidewalk…)

Sure, I know you might be scoffing at my Stephen Glass-like memory. But it’s the honest to blog truth. While there is no question that Michael was beloved the world over, his status in the black community (particularly in the early days) was almost mythical. He was just a poor black kid from Gary, Indiana who went on to become the biggest star on the planet. His greatness gave a lot of people something to aspire to.

While I grew up listening to his music, it wasn’t until later in high school and college that I became a die hard J5 fan. In college I had a radio show and during each show I would a large portion to “old school” classics. Aretha, Marvin, Bill Withers, The Jackson 5, etc…  Michael Jackson was one soulful little boy.  His voice on Who’s Loving You is so raw and emotional that you almost forget that it’s a 11-year old singing the song.  Even at such a young age, his talent was undeniable.

I always felt that the real tragedy of the Michael Jackson story is the fact that fame basically ruined his life.  Sure it’s easy to talk about what a freak he was (believe me I’m guilty of it too).  But can you even begin to imagine what it must have been like to grow up Michael Jackson?  How alienated and alone he must have felt.  So without bringing up the well publicized tragedies that followed him later in life, I’ll just say that he’ll be missed.

Michael Jackson was without question one of the greatest entertainers who ever lived.  He changed the face of music and his legacy will survive long after his death.


24 subplots

24 has undoubtedly jumped the shark.  In fact I’m pretty sure it started to go down hill after around season 3.  However, due to an unrealistic hope that the show will some day suck less, I continue to watch.

What never ceases to amuse me about 24 is the subplots.  That’s right, you know what I’m talking about:

  • Kim and her martial arts boyfriend
  • Wayne Palmer having an affair with that congressman’s wife (played, for some reason, by Gina Torres)
  • Frodo’s life partner and his junkie sister

And let’s not forget this season:

  • Dubaku’s relationship with a waitress despite the warnings of her over-protective, slightly crazy, sister
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Why do I love the subplot?  Because it’s pure cheesy goodness.  They crack me up every time.  You know that despite how far fetched or seemingly random, they will eventually intersect with the main plot in the strangest of ways.  Take Sean Astin’s (Lynn McGill) subplot.  His dope fiend sister manages to hook up with a bad guy who’s sole purpose is to steal her brother’s CTU access card.  Then the uber bad guys get their hands on the stolen key and a bunch of people die a painful death from toxic gas.  This subplot, of course, gives way to perhaps the most hilariously absurd 24 line of all time:

So, we’re all going to die because you were embarrassed?


So what’s in store for the waitress and her meddling sister?  I can only imagine an unnecessary scene where Dubaku tortures her and mercilessly drags her from her wheel chair.  But what is the link? Maybe she is only a waitress part time and the rest of the time she moonlights as a food taster for the President and Dubaku will use  her to serve poisoned hash browns to the Commander in Chief!  Or…maybe he’s just lonely.  Ruthless dictators need love too.

And while I’m on the subject, is it me or does 24 seem way too torture happy this season?  I mean damn.  Last week Jack seemed awfully anxious to hold an infant baby at gun point.

Jack: Madam president, he’s lying!  Let me do what’s necessary and he WILL tell me who let the dogs out!

Funny, funny stuff.


life imitates art


A while back I saw the absolutely hysterical scrabble xkcd:

xkcd scrabble

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My honest to blog scrabble game on facebook:

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My very dear, often hilarious, high school chum’s response:

if you only had an o
get it, an O

What are the chances?  I couldn’t make this stuff up folks.  Too funny…

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live long and effin prosper


Just saw the new Star Trek and in a word…awesome! I’m sure they’re already working on a sequel (prequel?) but if they’re not, they really should. As a total Star Trek nerd I thought a lot of the inside jokes were pretty hilarious. Not to mention the off the wall casting. Harold download wall e online wanted online as Sulu and little Byrd from Huff as Checkov. The only thing that sucked was the seats. Even though I was there a good 40 minutes before showtime I still ended up only 5 rows back and right on the end. I don’t know if you’ve ever had that experience but it can be pretty nauseating sitting that close in an IMAX theater. It was total pandemonium. The line wrapped all the way to the other side of the theater. Crazy. Other than that, I thought it was a great movie.

But honestly…can someone tell me what the hell Madea was doing in this movie…?

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cutting the cord


Yesterday my Logitech Cordless Desktop S 530 Laser

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arrived (thank you Amazon Prime)

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For the longest time I’d resisted wireless peripherals b/c I thought they were unnecessary battery hogs.  But I needed a new Mac keyboard b/c I got sick of my ancient PC compatible $10 USB keyboard that I’d gotten in college.  I thought about getting one of the slick Apple models but I just couldn’t get over the crappy key action.  Plus many online reviews confirmed my suspicions about key clicks not registering and the annoyingly low keys that made it too easy to hit one key when you meant ot hit another.  I [momentarily] considered this beauty

matias tactile pro keyboard

But no matter how much it had the desirable “clickety-clack” of old I just couldn’t justify $150 for a keyboard.  So far so good with the Logitech.  It looks slick and the mouse is ergonomically slanted just like I like it.  The keys have a good action and since it was designed as a “Mac” keyboard it has all of the right keys in the right places.  It also has additional hot keys for iTunes and iPhoto and the like but I’ll probably never be motivated enough to actually configure them.  Also the battery life (2 AA for the mouse and 2 AAA for they keyboard) supposedly last for 6 months.  The reviews seem to confirm it so that’s a definite plus.

Now if the Dell 30″ would hurry up and come down in price that’d be great.  Soon my office will be complete.  All I need now are some Threadless Bliks and I’ll be free to rule the world in style.  BWAH. HA. BWHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

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lobster stuffed with tacos


Earlier today I went to a pre-season SF v. Oakland game at PacBell. Today was a ridiculously nice day. The seats were in the lower level and the sun was really shining down. A fallen comrade underworld rise of the lycans divx download has season tickets so who am I to turn down a free game?

Having formerly lived half a block from PacBell, I’ve been to many, many games. But every time I go I’m always amazed by the huge, albeit bourgeois, selection of food. Today, for example, I had a bowl that included Jamaican jerk chicken, black beans and rice. It was pretty damn good.

What happened with the game you ask? Oh, the Giants got their asses kicked when the A’s scored 6 runs in the 7th inning. But no matter, I had some frozen lemonade to distract me during the 8th.

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stupid form data

Who among us has never accidentally typed the wrong info into a form? Forever more having to hit down arrow twice because you accidentally typed “uesr” instead of “user”. Well the nightmare is over! A quick googling produced an ever so useful blog post about Firefox Saved Form Data Frustration

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star trek movie . It’s basically this:

Go to the form where the mistake is. Put your cursor in the text entry widget and hit down until the incorrect entry is highlighted. Now press shift + del … voila.

It was such an unbelievably awesome find I couldn’t not blog about it.


All Day I Dream About…Shoes

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Gasp! I’m not wearing Pumas today. I decided to opt for the other brother

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star trek online bolt divx download and buy a pair of adidas. They’re not 100% broken in yet but so far so good. At 15+ pairs I think it’s possible I may have bought every *good* Puma there is. Ok sure, that’s a lot of sneakers but it’s part of my uniform: Impossibly NorCal long sleeved shirt under short sleeved (threadless) shirt, jeans, Pumas.

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culinary boner


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Top Chef is total bullshit.  I’m really tempted to boycott the show.  For real this time.  Andrew getting sent home because he didn’t “follow the rules” is completely f’ed up.  I thought it was beyond unfair when Antonia or Lisa didn’t get sent home when they decided they were above beer and polish sausage and instead made sea bass and chorizo in the improv challenge.  But yet they send Andrew home b/c he didn’t use a whole grain?  Unbelievable.

I just can not stand Lisa.  She is a self-righteous whiny baby who would knock an old lady down the stairs to win.  I mean what a fucking hypocrite!  She wantonly ignores the rules of the challenge and declares “I don’t cook with beer” and then has the audacity to call Andrew out.  And why the hell is Spike still there?  Ok, he can make a squash soup but is that really the makings of a Top Chef.  And you know what? I like Dale.  Sure, he gets far too upset over losing but at least he has talent.  Richard is obviously going to win though.  And he should.  He’s experimental but not as bizarre as Marcel or as annoying  as Hung.

I’m telling you, pull this crap again Top Chef and we’re through!  I mean it this time.transporter 3 dvdrip

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