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Here’s a tip, while dining at Maverick in SF, it’s probably best not to ask the waitress “Do you serve the Sarah Palin?”  Really, don’t.  Sure, in  your head you’ll have some witty “What’s a dikfore”-like comeback akin to: “Oh you know, it’s two shot glasses filled with desperation and lipstick”.  But trust me, that’s not how it’ll play out.  No one will laugh. No one.  You’ll just get a sad vacant look from the waitress who’s boredom is only overshadowed by her indifference to the fact that she won’t be getting a tip due to any effort on her part to even provide you with a pity laugh.

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Bitch Please!

After a friendly round of Mani-Pedi-Brows w/ my mom in NOVA, a girl stopped me on the way out of the nail shop to ask:

girl: Where’d you get those glasses
me: <hesitantly> Um…actually I got them in Switzerland

(Don’t roll your eyes, I said hesitantly didn’t I?)

There wasn’t really a non-pretentious answer to that question. I’m sure my response caused that nice sweet girl to inwardly think…

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